Article • February 4, 2021


Registrant Identification Number

A RIN (short for Registrant Identification Number) is a unique 9-digit number used by businesses to register a vehicle with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

All vehicles in Ontario must be registered to be legally allowed on the road.  While individuals can go to register a vehicle with their driver’s licence, businesses that want to register a vehicle cannot obtain a driver’s licence.  As such, the Ontario government created the RIN to identify business-owned vehicles in its motor vehicle registration system. This allows vehicles used for work purposes to be registered to a business. Once created, a RIN can be reused to register multiple vehicles belonging to a single business.

A RIN can be obtained by going to your nearest ServiceOntario location with the appropriate documentation, including

  1. Your Articles of Incorporation, Business Name Registration, or Master Business Licence;
  2. Two pieces of official mail containing the name and registered address of your corporation or business (e.g., corporate tax filing, utility bill, lease agreement, insurance policy);
  3. A statutory declaration that is notarized before a notary public. The notary public must verify your identity, verify the business documents, and affix a notarial seal to your statutory declaration.

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