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At Notaring, our primary focus is our customers. Their satisfaction defines our success. By offering hassle-free remote online notarization, we’ve simplified the overly complicated.

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How it works

No matter the device or location, we have notary publics ready to sign and notarize documents entirely online!

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Pick a time and date. Then, upload your unsigned document and ID to our secure database.

Verify Identity

Connect with an Ontario notary public and confirm your identity on a secure two-way video call.


Electronically sign and apply eNotary seal. Instantly download your notarized document.

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List of documents

Below is a list of documents we can notarize. If your document doesn’t appear, don’t worry. We can notarize just about every document.

  • Affidavit
  • Common-law declaration

  • Custodianship declaration
  • Invitation letter
  • Name change application
  • Last will and testament

  • OSAP

  • Real estate closings
  • Statutory declaration
  • Sworn declaration
  • Travel authorization letter
  • Power of attorney

Flying Documents
List of Documents

Notaring network

We’re teaming up with local notaries to help you certify a true copy of your original document.

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