Notary public near me

Article • June 19, 2020

Notary Toronto

Notaring is a notary public near you

According to Google, a person’s first instinct when looking to notarize a document is to Google search the phrase “notary public near me.” The reason behind that is twofold. First, in the world of notarial services, convenience is king. Second, a short time ago, standard notarization required individuals to appear physically before a commissioned notary public to notarize a document. However, because of COVID-19, the Law Society of Ontario removed that requirement. Rather, alternative means of notarization, such as notarizing via video conference, were now permitted.

In response to these important changes, Notaring was born. Notaring is an online platform that allows signers to connect conveniently with a commissioned notary to complete their notarial transactions securely and conveniently through an online audio-video conference. For the first time in Canada, a person can notarize a document in a matter of minutes online.

Remote online notarization is safer, more secure, and has a more thorough record than traditional notarization. These qualities, combined with the convenience of online notarization, will ensure that most notarizations will now take place online.

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