Legal and safe

News • December 17, 2022

Legal and safe

Is online notarization legal in Ontario?

In Ontario, the use of online notarization, also known as electronic notarization, is generally allowed, provided that certain requirements are met. In general, online notarization is considered to be a legal and valid form of notarization in Ontario, as long as it is performed by a properly commissioned and qualified notary public and the necessary security measures are in place to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the documents being notarized.

The specific requirements for online notarization in Ontario are outlined in the Notaries Act and the Regulations to the Notaries Act. These requirements include the use of electronic signature and seal technology that meets certain standards, as well as the maintenance of detailed records of all electronic notarizations.

It is important for notaries in Ontario to be familiar with the rules and regulations governing electronic notarization in the province, and to follow the ethical principles and standards of practice set forth by their professional association or regulatory body.

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