Form IMM 0006

Article • October 17, 2020

Extended Family Member

Application for Entry into Canada for Extended Family Members (COVID-19)

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have been difficult for those who have family and loved ones outside Canada. As such, the Government of Canada has introduced a process to allow entry for extended family members of Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  1. Your family member who is the Canadian citizen or permanent resident must fill out the application for authorization and statutory declaration (IMM 0006).
  2. Your family member in Canada sends you the filled out application for you to sign. After you sign the form, you send it back to your family member in Canada.
  3. Once you’ve sent the form back to your family member in Canada, they must sign the form by solemn declaration. This can be done virtually by connecting with one of our notaries on a secure two-way video call.
  4. Your family member in Canada must send you a copy of the completed and signed application.
  5. Once you have a copy of the completed and signed application, use it as evidence of your relationship with your family member and request a written authorization from IRCC. You need written authorization from IRCC whether you’re travelling from the United States or any other country.
  6. You must have a copy of the application as well as the written authorization with you when you travel. This is mandatory. If not, you won’t be allowed to board your flight or enter Canada. Once the form is signed by solemn declaration, you have 6 months to travel to Canada. If it’s longer than 6 months before you’ll be travelling, you’ll need a new statutory declaration.

Our notaries are always available to help you reunite with your loved ones.

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