Design and appearance

Article • December 17, 2022

Colours of notary seals in Canada

In Canada, the colour of a notary seal or stamp is typically not significant and does not have any legal significance. The requirements for notary seals or stamps in Canada vary by province, and the specific design and appearance of the seal or stamp is generally left to the discretion of the individual notary.

In general, the purpose of a notary seal or stamp is to provide an official record of the notarization, and it typically includes the notary’s name, the province in which the notary is commissioned, and the expiration date of the notary’s commission. The seal or stamp may also include other information, such as the notary’s registration number or the name of the notary’s employer.

Regardless of the colour or design of the seal or stamp, it is important for notaries to follow the rules and regulations set forth by their province in order to ensure that their notarizations are considered valid and official. This may include the use of a seal or stamp, as well as other requirements such as maintaining a record of notarizations and following proper notarial procedures.

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